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ADWTheme Crowned Zebra

1.77 usd

Added TAB support.Short story: Please watch youtube video on how to use the Theme.
Long Story: It is an ADW-THEME which requires ADW-LAUNCHER application installed.There is a free version of ADW-launcher on the Market. The ADW-theme includes three wallpapers, clock and icon package.After installation of the Theme please press button "Open". It willforward you to the Market to download and install free version of the ADW launcher provided it is not already installed.
To Use the Theme:Start ADW-launcher.Press Menu, choose ADW Settings and then Themes Preferences. Choose the Theme and apply it.
Long press on any application icon on your desktop. "Custom shortcut" menu will popup.Press on the icon picture once more, then select ADWTheme icon pack, and choose any icon you like for your application.
To Change the Wallpaper:Long press on the desktop, choose "Wallpapers" and then the Themes wallpaper. Scroll among three wallpapers, select and press "Set wallpaper".
To Open the Clock: Long press the desktop, choose "Widgets" and then the Themes clock
It is still very useful to watch youtube video about the Theme.Remark: On small screens with low resolution one has to reload wallpaper to fit the home screen.